Advice on university finances

It's useful for your child to start planning early on what their key expenses are going to be at university. Student finances have changed recently with the increas in tuition fees but you can apply for loans to cover university finances. 

Tuition Fee Loans pay for your course. Maintenance Loans and Grants help with living costs (eg accommodation, books, bills).  Find out more about tuition and maintenance fees on the website. You can use the finance calculator to see what help you might be able to get with your fees. 


Check out the student accommodation in the area. Many universities have their own halls of residence, which are much cheaper than private housing, provide food, games rooms etc and are a fantastic place to meet loads of new people.

University equipment

Universities often have secondhand bookstalls so that older students can sell any textbooks they no longer use – it means they get to make a bit of extra cash and you get to save a bit more too!

Socialising and having fun

University is full of thousands of people who are ready to study but also ready to have fun. Many of the sports clubs, cafes and shops are full of student discounts to help make the ‘social’ side of uni just as beneficial as the study side.

It creates an environment where you can meet new people, learn about new cultures and build a host of contacts that might even come in handy one day in the future! 

university finances

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