Home schooling your child

advice about home schooling

You can teach your child at home if you prefer and many parents do so successfully, often with the help of organisations with local support networks like Education Otherwise. Home educating parents are not required to teach the National Curriculum, have a timetable, or mark work done by their child, but the Department of Education (DfE) says that Local Education Authorities (LEAs) in England should offer advice and support to parents on these issues.

The DfE recommends that parents keep samples of the child's work, record educational progress within a set period, have plans of work and outline educational objectives. Some LEAs are more helpful than others, but parents who are teaching their children at home say they enjoy doing so and find it beneficial. Local support groups mean that children can have plenty of contact with other home educated pupils. There are a number of excellent groups advising parents thinking of this option. 

Home tuition by the LEA

Some parents who remove their children from school due to bullying think they will be entitled to home tuition if the child is too afraid to go to school. This is not the case. LEA-funded home tuition is very scarce and usually reserved for pupils who are off school due to illness. The maximum a child is likely to get would be around five hours a week.

However, LEAs are bound to make provision if the non-attendance has medical support - usually with a note from the doctor. There are Government guidelines available on this. For information about home educating in Scotland contact Schoolhouse which is a very good organisation with lots of practical advice.

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