Going back to work after having a baby

As well as the practical concerns connected with returning to work, such as what financial assistance you may be entitled to, how flexible your employer is with time off when you need to stay home with your flu-ridden child etc – you may also be thinking about how you will manage with spending less time with your child. The time you do spend with your family can often be filled with lots of time-consuming activities such as cooking dinner, bathing the kids and getting them to bed on time. Try to introduce routines and delegate responsibilities to all family members old enough to help, this way you can save time and spend it doing something enjoyable with your children, from reading them that bedtime story, through to just having a cuddle at the end of a long and hectic day. Employees are entitled to different types of leave related to being a parent:

  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Parental leave

For more information on the various types of leave and benefits you may be entitled to, visit the Working Families website where you can download free factsheets or phone their free helpline for parents and carers on 0800 013 0313.

It might also be worth having a chat with your HR Department to see if they are able to make things a little easier for you, or whether they are able to offer you flexible working.  DirectGov offer some great advice about who can make an application to apply for flexible working.  Take a look at their article here.

Free benefit advice

Want free advice about benefits? Get tailor-made information for yourself, family or friends online with the new Benefits Adviser from Directgov. Enter your information anonymously about your savings, earnings and outgoings and receive an estimate of benefits, tax credits or pension you may be entitled to. You can save your results for up to seven days and download or print your results for future reference. Get started now here

going back to work

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