How to ensure your toddler is healthy

Follow these helpful tips from our friends at the Infant & Toddler Forum to make sure your toddler gets the most out of mealtimes.

The first step is to create a nice atmosphere at mealtimes so that your child can enjoy food. It's important too to eat the foods you want to eat as your child will learn by copying you. 

You can offer your child small portions of food, making sure you offer a combination of the different food groups. If your child eats it all up then you can offer them a bit more.

If you have a routine of meals and snacks over the day, your child will feel more safe and secure. Children need nutritious snacks to ensure they get everything they need to help them grow and develop. They will also need drinks throughout the day, water is great. If you do offer them squash, ensure it's very diluted to protect their teeth. 


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