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Travelling with your children can have its own rewards and the fun can start at the planning and preparation stage. You don’t have to think of every possibility and eventuality, but it does help to think ahead. Consider the ages of your children, the transport (air, train or car) you will be using to get to your destination and how you will prepare your children for the journey.




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Don’t forget your passports if you are travelling to a destination outside the UK. Have you checked they are all in date?  Many people forget to check the time left on their passport and often have a last minute rush trying to get a replacement.

Children are required by law to have their own passports. In the UK, since October 1998, separate passports are now required for all children under 16.


Check with your travel agent or the appropriate embassy whether any special documents are required for your destination. If so, ensure this is done in advance.

Children with their own passports require visas, just like adults. Usually there are no reduced rates, but it is worth checking first.


Try to keep your itinerary as simple as possible and pick a destination that your whole family can enjoy. Remember that it might not be possible to stick to your children’s routine whilst travelling, but you may find you can get a bit more settled once you have reached your destination.

Enjoy your holiday and remember planning is the key to a relaxed break.

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