Internet safety

How to set up parental controls on your internet

The internet is a great resource for families helping with homework, shopping and staying in touch with friends and family; in addition many children and young people now meet their friends 'online' to play games alongside and against each other. But all of these innovative things you can do on the web are often overshadowed by the dangers and safety issues of being online. As children and young people use the internet more and more in their everyday lives, it is important that parents are equipped with as much information to keep their child safe. If you would like a copy of our Cyber Safety Tips Factsheet, please email us.

At Family Lives, we often hear from families who are struggling to set up parental controls effectively. This could be because of IT skills or the way the controls have been set up. Some of the main Internet Service Providers have produced a video guide that shows you how to set up the much needed parental controls.  








You can find guides to setting up parental controls with other internet providers and links to safety information for a range of games consoles and operating systems on Internet Matters.

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