Stepfamilies video - supported by Woolley & Co

With Suzie Hayman and Tamara Glanvill

Family Lives and Woolley & Co ran a free online event and Q&A aimed at supporting parents and families through divorce and separation, with expert advice from Family Lives trustee Suzie Hayman and Woolley & Co family solicitor Tamara Glanvill.

Suzie Hayman has written several books as well as leading a BBC television series on the subject so will be on hand to talk through such issues as child/parent different points of view,  helping stepparents cope, keeping birth parents onside and helping your children deal with their new family... and more!

Tamara Glanvill is an experienced divorce and family law solicitor from the family law firm Woolley & Co, and was on hand to answer legal questions.

The event is now available to view for those of you who were unable to attend and are looking for some support and information on joining a new stepfamily.

With thanks to Woolley & Co, Solicitors who supported this event and offered their expertise through Tamara Glanvill.

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