Linda's story

"I feel privileged".


I wanted to become a volunteer to help people less fortunate than myself.  I have had a troubled and emotional family life myself over the years and have a very good support network of family and friends so consider myself very lucky but others are not so fortunate and can feel totally alone.  

Family Lives reach out to all members of the community and I feel privileged to be part of a very caring and professional organisation that allows me the opportunity to offer help and emotional support to people who need it the most.

I volunteer on live chat because I wanted to reach out to those people that need help but might find it too emotional or difficult to use the helpline and therefore might find it a little easier. 

Working as part of a team that also supports me is very important and I know my time spent volunteering is time well spent. I am happy to now be in a good place in my life and being a part of Family Lives helps me to stay focused. So long may we continue.

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