How we support professionals working with families

Professional training

We are still offering the full range of Family Lives professional training. Family Lives has a portfolio of training courses and workshops which we can bring to your team in your location. We can offer you over 30 years' experience of working with families. This experience has proved invaluable in shaping our programme of training and consultancies for professionals.

For information on specific courses, and to register your interest, please visit Parenting UK's Professional Training page.

Parenting UK membership

Parenting UK, part of Family Lives, is a national membership organisation for those working with parents. Our strength has always been our members at grass roots level: communicating and sharing ideas, concerns and passions. 

We support our members to be more effective by providing expertly tailored information about news and training, producing specialist events and resources, and by being a strong public voice on the importance of good parenting and the role of parenting support services.

At the heart of everything we do are our members and the families they help. Parenting can be tough at times, with the right help at the right time, the lives of parents, carers and children can be transformed.


parenting uk membership organisation for parenting professionals

Parenting UK provides the following services to members:

  • Quarterly news bulletins giving up-to-date information on national developments, research, new resources, standards, funding, training, local practice and job vacancies
  • Weekly email updates covering the latest developments and opportunities in the sector
  • Information and enquiry service: we can assist you with quick queries or more in depth information checks
  • Reduced rates on all Parenting UK events  and a number of free publications
  • Promote your work by listing your parenting courses and professional training on our website
  • List your job vacancies to an audience of parenting professionals throughout the country
  • Consultancy Service: you can commission one of our specialist consultants to undertake research, facilitation or evaluation [link to join the consultancy service]
  • National Occupational Standards (NOS) for working with parents, and other materials. You can download the NOS free from our website.

Visit Parenting UK for more information about our work and how to become a member, starting from just £24 a year. 


Action for Prisoners' and Offenders' Families

Action for Prisoners' and Offenders' Families (APOF) merged with Family Lives in 2014 and supports all those working with families of offenders and prisoners through regular communications, sharing best practice and keeping stakeholders informed of developments in the sector. 

APOF also provides Hidden Sentence training which gives professionals a clear overview of the issues facing prisoners’ families and provides a range of strategies and resources to help you support them.