Below you can read archive copies of the following publications. Please note that these are no longer beiing produced. 


In Practice Papers

In Practice Papers aimed to provide guidance for professionals, covering topics such as working with single parents, father, young parents and other topics. 

Fathers and Families - Welsh translation (February 2015)
This is a guide for parenting practitioners to offer tips and support in engaging and working with fathers. 

Fathers and Families (April 2014)
This is a guide for parenting practitioners to offer tips and support in engaging and working with fathers.

Effective work with hard to reach families (April 2013)
Families can be very hard to help, they may avoid us, dismiss us or confront us to reject what we are trying to offer or do. This short guide will show you some of the approaches that have been taken in the UK, and elsewhere, that seem to produce a good effect and some of the very practical work we can do, including measuring our effect.

Understanding Domestic Violence (February 2013)
This paper is intended to provide family practitioners with a short guide to the issue of domestic violence. It is hoped that they will subsequently be equipped with the necessary information to both recognise the problem and offer a full range of services to those families affected by the issue. 

Family Conflict (November 2012)
A guide for practitioners on understanding family conflict, including the latest report from 4Children, a focus on the couple relationship and further resources.

Supporting parents of teenagers (March 2012)
A guide for practitioners on supporting the parents of teenagers, including the latest research about teenage development and further resources including information about training in programmes to support parents of teenagers and resources for parents themselves.

Finding and using effective measuring tools (February 2012)
This paper is designed to help you locate measures to use that are appropriate for your work setting. It will help you think about the practicalities of measuring in your service or centre, and has information about some of the tools listed below and some of their strengths and weaknesses.

Working with Prisoners' Families (September 2011)
A guide for practitioners on identifying families affected by imprisonment in a non-stigmatising way and the type of support they might need. This paper was written by Action for Prisoners' Families and Safe Ground.


News Bulletin 

Each issue of our quarterly news bulletin features several articles from guest writers covering a specific parenting issue. We also include the latest events, training courses, publications and news from the parenting sector. Please note, we no longer publish this News Bulletin and issues 1-18 are no longer available. 

Issue 19 - Young parents June 2009
Focusses on how services can best work with young parents

Issue 20 - Outcomes for parentAugust 2009
Focusses on the desired outcomes from parenting support for parents and children

Issue 21 - Parenting contracts and orders: benefits and outcomes October 2009
Features new research on the cost benefits of early intervention, and looks at lessons learned from education related parenting contracts in Camden

Issue 22 - Early intervention in Nottingham December 2009
Features a case study of a Family Intervention Project in Nottingham and the stronger families project supporting victims of domestic violence

Issue 23Working with parents with learning disabilities February 2010
Features articles by the Royal Mencap Society and the Government's Green Paper on Families and Relationships

Issue 24 - Working with culturally diverse communities April 2010
Looks at working with parents and practitioners from different cultural backgrounds, and new information about the common core of skills and knowledg

Issue 25 - Keeping fathers in the picture June 2010
Features articles by David Bartlett from the Fatherhood Institute and information about the latest training for working with fathers

Issue 26 - Parental engagement in secondary schools August 2010
Looks at the work of School Home Support and supporting parents of teenagers

Issue 27Supporting parents of teenagers October 2010
Features the Living with Teenagers parenting programme in Derbyshire, and looks at working with the parents of teenage parents.

Issue 28 - Breaking the cycle December 2010
Supporting families to breakt the intergenerational cycles of deprivation and neglect with features by Action for Children and Adopt Resources.

Issue 29 - Involving parents in services February 2011
Featuring peer support parenting programmes in Southwark, Partnerships with Parents and Carers and the Community Mothers programme in North Lanarkshire

Issue 30 - Working with hard to reach parentApril 2011
Supporting homeless parents in Bristol, and outreach programmes with Gyosy, Roma and Traveller communities.

Issue 31 - Preparing for parenthood September 2011
This edition forcusses on preparing for parenthood, including articles on the Family Nurse Partnership.

Issue 32 - Informal social support October 2011
Informal social support can be valuable for new parents. This issue looks at different types of social support and the effect it has on different groups of parents

Issue 33 - Postnatal depression: support for mothers and fathers December 2011
This issue focusses on postnatal depression and the effect this can have on the relationship between mother and child and the child’s development, and the relationship between the parents. It also looks at fathers and postnatal depression.

Issue 34 - Reducing the stigma of parenting support March 2012
This issue looks at ways of improving the public perceptions of parenting support and enabling more parents to feel empowered in choosing to engage with programmes and classes

Issue 35 - Creating a market for parenting classes and advice – CANparent trial update June 2012#
This issue gives a detailed update on the parenting classes vouchers trial launched by the Prime Minister this summer.

Issue 36 - Putting families at the heart of the asylum process October 2012
This issue looks at new ways of working with asylum seeking families to help them overcome some of the traditional obstacles and support safe, nurturing family environments.

Issue 37 - A new way of measuring child poverty January 2013
This issue explores the government's consultation on Child Poverty Measures, inviting you to participate and ensure your voices are heard.

Issue 38 - New quality mark for parenting classes April 2013
This issue looks at the new contract to develop a quality mark for parenting classes, the Fair4Families campaign and all the latest news and events in the parenting sector.

Issue 39 - Parental mental illness and the effect on children August 2013
This issue looks at a novel approach to working with parents with mental illnesses and the impact this can have on the children who care for them

Issue 40 (not available)

Issue 41Launch of CANparent Quality Mark February 2014
Read about the Parliamentary launch of our new CANparent Quality Mark, and find out how you can apply if you deliver universal parenting classes.

Issue 42 - Supporting Muslim parents through divorce and separation May 2014
Read about the Family Lives befriending project in collaboration with Barefoot Institute, and the work of Approachable Parenting, a parenting programme for Muslim families.

Issue 43 - Teenagers, young parents and technology August 2014
Read the summer issue of our bulletin featuring a new approach for parents of teenagers from Dr John Coleman, and how new technology is helping young parents.

Issue 44News and resources to help you in the year ahead February 2015
Read our Winter 2015 issue which contains an update from the CANparent project, an introduction to Action for Prisoners' and Offenders' Families, and a report from our 'Focus on Teenagers' event.