Venue: New programme for families with a 2 year old in Ealing

ParentChild+ is our early learning programme for families with a child aged 2 -4 years; we support families to improve their home learning environment so children are ready for school. Taking a free toy and book each week, trained volunteers model with parents how to play and read with their child.  

This highly successful programme has been delivered in the USA for over 50 years. Children who have been through the programme:  

  • are 50% more likely to measure ready for school  
  • enter school performing 10 months above their chronological age  

Twice weekly visits equip families with the skills and materials they need to encourage early literacy and language in their young children. This prepares children for when they start school, giving them the skills to interact with their teachers and peers and to help them learn. Children are then better able to keep up and do well in their future education and parents learn how to become their child’s first teacher. Home visitors bring a new toy or book each week for children to keep and play with between visits.

For more information and to make a referral, please get in touch with Eunice on 07590 021518 or email



ParentChild+ is funded by the Early Years Social Action Fund