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Our corporate partnerships make a crucial difference to our work. And just as importantly, they meet the objectives and challenges that your business faces.

Last year alone Family Lives answered over 44,000 calls, chats and emails providing advice and support on parenting and family issues; over 2.4 million people accessed our website; and over 7,600 adults and young people were supported through community services. But there are many more who need our services. 

Whether it's a child experiencing bullying or a mum struggling with their teen, we're there for families, on the phone, online and in person through our local groups and services.

Why work with us?

Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility by teaming up with Family Lives
Family is at the heart of society and your workforce. Our vision of supporting families will strike a chord with all your staff and customers, and your support will have a tangible impact on transforming children's' lives.

Dedicated support 
Get the personal touch from our passionate business development team. 

Staff engagement 
Get your staff involved by holding a fundraising event, volunteering their time to help families or even donating their skills. You'll gain motivated staff and valuable connections. 

Benefit from our expertise in supporting family life 
Our programme of parenting and communication workshops, helpline and online support services are available to companies so that staff can gain access to bespoke family support in the workplace. We give families the tools they need to help themselves, so they can come to work feeling like they can cope with the pressures of managing their working life and bringing up a family. Employer-led, family-friendly provision can directly impact upon performance, staff retention and the costs associated with absenteeism. We can work with you on a tailor-made programme for your working mums, dads and carers so that they know you are supporting them as both an employee and as a family. Get in touch to find out more.

Raise your profile 
Your company will be seen as supporting Family Lives at a time when the role of family life in determining children’s mental health and future prospects is increasingly on the public and political agenda.

Social media and PR 
Our website receives over 2.4 million hits per year, and with our huge social media reach (over 290,000 followers on Twitter across our brands), we have the reach that will maximise your company’s exposure.

Sponsorship and cause-related marketing 
Research proves that a brand’s association with a charity positively affects consumer perception and can increase sales. As the leading national family support charity, a marketing campaign with us will provide a unique partnership, with universal appeal and real impact. Whether you are about to launch a new product, re-launch an existing one, or promote your brand, Family Lives can help you to connect with your audience.


Get in touch to discuss how we can benefit your business.  

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