Cardiff and Vale Parent Wellbeing Support

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A service for parents/carers of children with emotional wellbeing and/or mental health issues, aged 0-18, living in either Cardiff or the Vale of Glamorgan.

What we offer

We deliver a peer support service for parents and carers whose children are experiencing emotional wellbeing and/or mental health issues. At Family Lives we recognise that everyone’s experience and situation is unique and the challenges they are facing, as a family unit will be diverse. The common thread, is that parents/ carers of children with emotional and mental health needs often feel overwhelmed in navigating systems, obtaining advice and support to make effective and informed decisions for their children and ensure they are in the best position themselves to support their children.

Our staff and volunteers support people by offering emotional and practical support, which aims to enable people to regain balance in their life. We do this by offering a listening ear and understanding and developing positive peer relationships. We support people to find their own strengths and solutions, build their confidence and self-esteem. We help them to develop a toolkit and coping strategies on their journey to achieving better family harmony by looking after themselves and being able to support their children.

Our Peer Supporters have lived experience and have a good understanding of what parents/ carers of children with mental health issues are going through and coping with. We know what it feels like to feel you are alone and we understand that sometimes the worry and concern about the stigma associated with mental health can be overwhelming and can act as a barrier to seeking support, particularly if you feel your parenting is being judged. We also know how relieved and hopeful people can feel when they do reach out and realise that they are not alone and support is available.

Our support services

At Family Lives we believe that our services are needed more than ever in the current crisis; we know that many individuals and families are experiencing even more challenges. This service provides a programme of support which, includes, face-to-face sessions in the home and community, phone and remote support, group work, social gatherings, signposting and support with accessing other services and activities.

We aim to deliver a friendly service in a manner that encourages participation and partnership and enables us to tailor our service to meet people’s unique needs. We appreciate it will change as we travel together but to begin with we can offer the following types of support:

  • Weekly 1:1 support for approximately 6 –8 weeks alongside drop –in groups
  • Phone and online support
  • Signposting to the Family Lives helpline, email and live chat support
  • Our free online parenting courses and access to relevant parent training and group sessions
  • Signposting to relevant local support organisations that can provide help and support 
  • Online peer support forum where people can engage and connect with each other in a safe space, offer and receive support, share and gain information about coping strategies, local community events and relevant helpful organisations. The online support can be accessed along the individual support sessions and group work

Get in touch

For information about this project and to access this service, please email Charlotte or call 07739 788115.