Bringing up confident ADHD/ASD children

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This online course is for parents who live in Hertfordshire or have a child attending a Hertfordshire school.

This course is for parents who live in Hertfordshire

Venue: Online via MS Teams

Dates: Wednesday 15th May to 26th June 2024

Time: 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

If your child has ADHD/ASD, or you think they might, join our online 6-week group where you will receive support from other parents and gain a comprehensive understanding of ADHD/ASD and learn strategies to improve life at home and at school.

Our programme covers:

  • ADHD/ ASD - a whole-family issue
  • Understanding your child’s behaviour
  • Helping your child manage their feelings and outbursts
  • Balancing support of siblings
  • Learning about structure and routines
  • Supporting your child at school

Self-referrals and referrals by professionals can be made by completing the referral form.  Parents can also email us or call us on 0204 522 8700 or 0204 522 8701 for more information.

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