Sibling arguments and how to manage them

5min read

This online course is for parents, carers and other family members to help manage conflicts in family life, particularly between siblings or children in the household. It is aimed at families with children aged 5-18. This course will cover how conflict can affect us as parents, dealing with sibling rivalry, how to help children sort arguments out together, how to reduce the number of conflicts that happen and more.  

Modules on the course:

  • How does conflict affect us?
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Giving children the skills to deal with conflict
  • Negotiation in the family
  • Reducing conflict

All of our sessions are filled with helpful techniques and ideas that we are sure will help you become a confident and happy parent. Crucially. you can do our course whenever and wherever suits you and work through it at our own pace but you will need to complete the course in 60 days from enrolment.

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