Equal opportunities from the start

Imagine a world where every child enters school ready to succeed because every parent has the knowledge, skills, and resources to build school readiness where it starts: the home. This is the aim of the ParentChild+ which Family Lives has brought to the UK. The programme supports the home-learning environment by working closely with parent and child and aims to increase school readiness, improve social-emotional skills and increase a family's engagement with appropriate services and social networks. 


This work is funded by the Early Years Social Action Fund. Family Lives is one of five organisations selected to take part in the Early Years Social Action Fund. The Early Years Social Action is a £1 million fund from innovation foundation Nesta and the Office for Civil Society.

What is ParentChild+? 

The ParentChild+ (previously known as Parent Child Home Programme) is a well-evidenced, US-based programme, focussed on working one to one with parents over a sustained period in their home environment.

The model - which has been running in the US for over 50 years - is based on twice-weekly home visits, for up to two years, by trained home visitors (both staff and volunteer). Every family receives at least 92 home visits over the course of the programme.

Home visitors receive initial training and ongoing support in the following areas: child development; parental engagement; building respectful, trusting relationships with families and communities; the ethics of home visiting; and cultural competence.

The programme addresses a range of outcomes for parents, including a child’s cognitive gains, social and emotional gains, and home environment outcomes.

ParentChild+ has a strong evidence base of effectiveness in the US. Children on the programme are 50 per cent more likely to measure ready for kindergarten, they score 2.5 times higher on social-emotional skills assessment than their peers, and they enter school performing 10 months above their chronological age.

You can also read the final report of the Evaluation of pilot delivery of ParentChild+ in England, 2018-2020.

Delivery in the UK

This is an ideal programme to support those families who are not accessing the free two-year-old childcare entitlement, and who are at risk of entering school significantly behind their peers. It is currently estimated that nearly 30% of eligible families or more than 70,000 families across England arent't accessing the childcare entitlement. 

Family Lives are delivering ParentChild+ directly in Nottingham, Newcastle and the London Borough of Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea. If you would like to find out more about ParentChld+, please get in touch:

For Nottingham - contact Kate Warren

For South Yorkshire - contact Lauren Howie

For Newcastle -  contact Laura Knight

For Westminster/Kensington and Chelsea and Tower Hamlets - contact Nia Bellot 

For all other areas or queries about commissioning ParentChild+ please contact Ceri Cobain.