Advice on holidays abroad if you're separated or divorced

Holidays as a single parent

If you or your ex-partner want to take the kids on holiday you may feel anxious, especially if the plan is to go abroad. Clear communication such as sharing information, lists of what’s needed, contact details and knowledge  - e.g. the children’s swimming ability or what sun factor they will need - will help put both parents at ease. Try to keep in touch while on holiday even if it’s a quick phone call or text. If both parents have a Skype account, you can even set up a free video call.

If you are thinking about taking your children away on holiday on your own, there are holiday companies who specialise in this, so serach online for single parent holiday ideas. There are also special insurance packages designed for lone parents holidaying with their children.

If plans need to be changed, remember to consult your ex-partner, especially before booking anything. If both parties make an effort to be considerate it will make a big difference to the children. Don’t use contact or time together as a bargaining ploy. You may no longer be partners but you are forever parents, and your children need you to co-parent even if you no longer live together. Try to be as fair as you can with your ex-partner and remember that your children’s school holidays may clash with that of step- or half-siblings.

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