Health and Development

With puberty happening earlier, do you know what to expect from your child when hormones start to kick in? With advice on coping with the changing beh...
talking to your child about sex
raising your child's self-esteem
Years ago, most primary school children walked to school. Today less than half do so. More and more parents take their children to school by car and t...
Keeping our children safe at all times is a big worry for most parents.  We worry about them when they are at school, home or when they are playi...
If you have recently found out or suspect your child may be self-harming, you may be feeling shocked, worried and at a loss on what to do to approach ...
Advice on bedwetting
Bedwetting occurs most nights in 15% of five-year-olds and is still a problem for 3% of all 15 year-olds. There are around 750,000 children and y...
Living between two cultures – a ‘British’ way of life and the culture your parents or grandparents grew up with, can be a rich and f...
does your child need a mobile phone

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