Your teen and drugs/alcohol

It is not uncommon for teenagers to try drugs or drink alcohol in their teenage years.  For some they may experiment and make the positive choice not to participate but, there are also those who become dependent on drugs or alcohol. Parenting a teenager who is addicted to drugs or is alcohol dependent can be devastating and you may feel like everything you say is falling on deaf ears. Our section on drugs and alcohol has articles about spotting the signs and having the conversations to help your child stay healthy and safe.

underage drinking
On average, UK children have their first whole alcoholic drink at just aged 13, and this is overwhelmingly in a family setting, as it should be, there...
illegal drugs
illegal drugs
As a parent, it’s a good idea to fully understand the facts about drugs.  It can often help to sit down and talk to your teen about dr...
Don't wait until the teen years to learn about drug risks. Read our essential information, produced in association with FRANK.
teen parties
When your teen asks to have friends to sleep over – maybe after a party – or asks to sleep over at a friend’s with a group of other ...
Three brave parents speak about the traumatic experiences they have dealt with since their children started taking drugs. 
I've discovered that my child is smoking cannabis - what are the risks associated with this drug? Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in Br...

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