Your teen's education

Teenage problems in school can be a very daunting time for families as they struggle to deal with the issues their child may be facing. It may be your teenager’s behavioural problem that is causing concern or perhaps general teenager and school problems, including schoolwork, teachers, boundaries, etc. Working with your teenager’s school is essential to address these issues. We understand that this is not always possible or a positive experience for parents but it is important to have exhausted every avenue. This can be draining for parents and teenagers alike. This section offers advice and information from truancy to gap years, from career choices to peer pressure.

exam stress - supporting your teenager through exams
Exam time can be very stressful for everyone in the family as your teen may be feeling anxious and under pressure. 
Teenagers and homework
Choosing school subjects
What to do when you discover your child is truanting If your child is caught truanting, you may receive a call or a message from the school. While th...
teens and careers
Choosing what subjects to do for GSCEs or A Levels may have already got you thinking about the future with your child – whether they c...
going to university
With the increasing costs of going to university, it can be a tough decision to decide what to do after school. We look at the pros and cons of going ...
gap years
university finances
It's useful for your child to start planning early on what their key expenses are going to be at university. Student finances have changed recently wi...
getting ready for uni
There is a lot for your child to think about when your child leaves home for the first time - from feeding themselves and managing their money to gett...

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