You and your teen

One of the biggest issues faced by parents of teenagers is often centred around boundaries, rules and the impact it has on family life. It can be exhausting telling your teenager what the rules are over and over again. Family Lives understands the pressures of parenting a teenager and can offer advice and information on this. Our section about your relationship with your teenager has a range of content that can help make family life happier. We have articles such as how to live happily with your teen to setting boundaries and more.

what teenagers need
Estimated read: 8 minutes  Young people going through the process of adolescence need what they have always needed from their parents. They want...
Estimated read: 5 minutes  Parenting teenagers can be challenge but they still need you. Sometimes it's easy to forget that while being an adult...
family time - spending time with teenagers mum and daughter
Teenagers still want to spend time with their parents. Of course they'd like to be on their mobile or computer, playing games and communicating with f...
spending time with your teen
We all know that as children get older it can become increasingly difficult to know what is going on in their lives and harder to stay close to them. ...
empty nest
When a child leaves home, it can trigger a range of emotions in a parent - from pride and satisfaction to sadness and worry. We've gathered some helpf...
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    Struggling to understand your teen when they chat amongst each other? Read our Jargon Buster and get to grips with Teenglish!

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