Naila's story

"People are grateful for the opportunity to talk and I don't have to solve anything"


I joined Family Lives because I believe families form the infrastructure of society, and that there are many challenging and complicated issues to be dealt with by both children and adults. It is important to support people who want to make the right decisions and choices in order to resolve difficulties, and to make their families and lives as effective as possible.

I have discovered for myself that taking a call 'for real' is much easier than the thought, and indeed the role- play! People are generally trying to 'get it right' and are genuinely grateful for the opportunity to talk and I don't have to solve anything.

I hold the view that in life most people want to do the right thing and do their best, and this view is reflected in my experiences so far.  I feel a sense of satisfaction as a result of being at the other end of the 'phone for people who need to work things through, reflect or simply 'unload', and if I can point people in the right direction for specialist help as appropriate that is good too.

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