Supporting families during Covid-19

4min read

Family Lives knows that life can often be hard for families. And right now you are dealing with those challenges as well as the continuing uncertainty around both your family’s health and any financial worries caused by the current situation.

As an organisation for families, we are very aware of the impact that Coronavirus is having on all of us up and down the country. Things that were already difficult within family relationships will often feel more strained or there is an opportunity to seek resolution as we all try and come together.

I am conscious that many of you will have school-age children who are now your sole responsibility to educate, entertain and empower over this next undefined period. Some of you will have sons and daughters who both commiserate and celebrate the end of school and no exams, as the feelings of elation and dismay collide.

Technical resilience is a key divider in today’s ‘new world’ as many embrace the virtual world and networks available to them, and others seek to avoid the onslaught of social media that can provide both light and dark in its perspective on our world.

We are doing everything we can to support our staff to work from home and to give them the tools they need to support the many families who turn to us via our helpline, face to face services and online content. Our staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to try and find new and innovative ways to stay in touch and help you at this time.

We will continue to provide online content with suggestions around a wide array of options for families and the challenges you are facing, but also point people to fun activities that may include a pack of cards or an online pub quiz, or simply the joys of baking with your children.

We are thinking of you all over this next period and wish you well. If there are things that you would like help with, please contact us through the normal channels.

My very best wishes

Jez Todd, Chief Executive