Anti bullying week videos

A great way to explore bullying issues

Anti-bullying videos are a great way of having conversations on how to spot and tackle bullying. They can provide invaluable advice and support. We have a range of videos that have been made for us by young people across the country. 

Choose kindness 

Staying safe online

#ChooseKindness in the classroom 

#ChooseKindness in the school playground 

#ChooseKindness when you are online

#ChooseKindness during play time at school

#ChooseKindness when you are around school 

Just be you and wear blue 

Competition winners

During anti bullying week 2016, we ran an anti bullying #erasebullying competition with Pilot Pen UK. The competition asked schools, community groups and families to encourage children and young people to turn over a new leaf and help #erasebullying. These are some of the great winning entries.

Winner - from the Pauline Quirke Academy in Tonbridge

Runner up - from the Pauline Quirke Academy in Newcastle and Durham

Arguments and disagreements

Health and wellbeing

Stress, anxiety & depression

Boundaries and discipline

Family relationships

Becoming a step-family