Incy Wincy Spider

5min read

Singing songs with a baby is a great way to encourage their early communication. It helps the bond between adult and child, supports brain development and also language development as it increases access to key words and sounds. 

How does this nursery rhyme help?

Incy Wincy Spider helps your young child in the development of their fine motor skills as they are using finger movements as they sing the song with fingers and hands moving upwards, thumb to thumb. This is to show the spider moving up the water spout. The rain movement is fingers cascading downwards to show rain coming down and then each hand does a circle movement to show the sun coming out. 

The movements described above helps with co-ordination as they are multi-tasking through doing the actions and singing. It also helps with their hand to eye coordination as they watch their parent or caregiver and try to repeat the actions. They enjoy the anticipation of the song and knowing the actions. This song helps them to learn about nature and the world around them. Rhyming words at the ends of lines helps them to remember words.

You can also try using your child's name instead of Incy Wincy Spider, as this will create even more excitement as suddenly they are part of the song. 

Rhyme lyrics 

Incy wincy spider
Climbing up the spout
Down came the rain and
Washed the spider out
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain
Now incy wincy spider
Went up the spout again