Leicestershire Whole Family Relationship Support Service

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A support service for parents/carers, siblings and education services. Our Whole Family Relationship Support Service provides families with comprehensive help and guidance that builds stronger relationships and provides strategies to overcome difficulties and challenges, together.

What we offer

At Family Lives we understand that strong family relationships are the foundation of a thriving society. We also know that family life does not always work out the way we had hoped or anticipated. Becoming a new parent, experiencing couple/relationship difficulties or having parenting challenges, our family relationship service is designed to support mums, dads and their families through every step of their journey, from perinatal support to teenage years.  We recognise that each family is unique, so our services are tailored to meet specific need, working within the home, the community or in school we can help develop personalised strategies and provide access to the resources and support to help build happier relationships and happier families.

Our skilled and experienced team of staff and volunteers can help families navigate through relationship difficulties, communication breakdown and other challenges, enabling them to find healthier ways to connect and resolve conflict. Offering valuable insights and practical support to enhance parenting skills, we provide evidence-based techniques to help build a nurturing and supportive family environment.

Our support services 

With over 45 years of experience, Family Lives is a trusted name in family support. From our freephone helpline and online support to our community based 121 services, programmes and workshops, we believe that every family should have somewhere to turn to for support both in good times and bad. We aim to provide a warm, confidential space that encourages participation and partnership without judgment, criticism or stigma.

We offer the following types of support:

  • Weekly 1:1 support for up to 8 weeks delivered at home or community setting
  • Family Lives helpline, email and live chat support
  • Parenting workshops and programmes
  • Online resources and advice via our website 

Get in touch

Join us in strengthening families and building strong relationships. Together we can create a brighter future for families For further information or to access this service, please email Adele or call 07971 253000 or email Jade or call 07703 695819. Follow us on Facebook for news and updates.